Atalasoft DotImage

DotImage 10.5 Feature Matrix

What's New in DotImage 10.5?

Here is a list of some of the features offered in the core Atalasoft DotImage toolkit and add-on modules.

General Features

Direct Access to Pixel Data via PixelAccessor object
Export and Import from DIB, hBitmap, or GDI+ Bitmap
Optimizations for Multi-Core processors
Built in multi-threading for loading, saving, and processing images in a background thread.

Image Codecs, Compression, and Color Depth Support

1-bit, 4-bit. 8-bit colormapped support
8-bit grayscale, 16-bit grayscale w/alpha, 24-bit RGB, 32-bit RGBA, and 32-bit RGB support
32-bit CMYK support (w/auto color management)
16-bit grayscale, 48-bit RGB, 64-bit RGBA support
JPEG, JPEG EXIF, PNG, PNM, TIFF, TIFF G3/G4 Fax, PCX, TGA, BMP, PSD, PCD, GIF, Animated GIF, EXIF, WMF/EMF. (See JBIG2, Jpeg2000, and DICOM for additional codec support)
Write-to raster image formats
Digital Camera RAW Decode Support
XPS and HD Photo/JpegXR Support
Image only PDF Encode Support. (See the PDF Reader module for PDF Read Support)
LZW, Packbits, Deflate, G3/G4, RLE, JPEG, and TIFF JPEG Compression (See JBIG2 and Jpeg2000 for additional compressions)
Full alpha transparency support
Multi-page TIFF read support (note: only Document Imaging supports scale to gray display)
Multi-page TIFF write support
Lossless JPEG TransformsAuto
TIFF Directory Manipulation (insert, remove, add pages, and edit/add tags without re-encoding the entire image)
Tiled TIFF decoding and encoding
Support for TIFF Type 6 (OJPEG) decoding
Support for TIFF Type 6 (OJPEG) encoding
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Internet and Database Streaming

Easily read and write into a database with Memory Streams and export to Byte Arrays
Read image directly from the internet via HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP
Save images to the internet via HTTP Post, and FTP
Built-in multithreaded support for loading and saving images

Windows Forms Image Viewing and Printing

Scrollable, Zoomable Image Viewer Controls
Multi-Threaded Thumbnail Viewer Control
  • Automatically watch folders and update the thumbnail if there is a change.
  • View multi-page TIFF documents
  • Vertical or Horizontal Layout
  • Custom Captions
  • On Demand Thumbnail Loading
  • Advanced Styling and Control
Automatically watch folders and update the thumbnail if there is a change.
Antialias Display for color and grayscale images
Heavily optimized Scale-to-Gray Display for high quality document image display
Pan, Zoom, ZoomArea, Select Mouse Tools
Autozoom including Best Fit, Fit to Width, and Fit to Height
Magnifier Component
Animated Rectangle, Ellipse, and Line rubberbands
Printing Component to print images, one per page
Pan, Zoom, Zoom Area, Select Mouse Tools
Composite Image Printing Control to print image composites
Open Image Dialog Control
Undo / Redo Capability
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ASP.NET WebForms Image Viewing and Editing

Scrollable, Panable, Zoomable AJAX Thin-Client Image Viewer Control
Web Project Templates for creating AJAX document viewers quickly
Rectangle Rubberband Selection
Antialias Display for color and grayscale images
Heavily optimized and efficient Scale-to-Gray Display for high quality bi-tonal image display.
No-postback Zooming, Zoom to Area and Selection mouse tools
Server-Side Image Viewing
On-Demand Tiled Loading of images
Multipage TIFF Support
Multipage PDF Support (for read/decode capability the PDF Reader Add-On is required)
Remote Invoke Methods for no-postback "AJAX" processing
Undo / Redo Capability
AJAX Thumbnail Viewer control
  • On-demand thumbnail loading
  • Supports multipage TIFF Files
  • Supports custom captions
Heavily optimized for viewing TIFF images by only loading the necessary tiled data into the server memory
Support for web annotations

Silverlight Image Viewing and Editing

Scrollable, Panable, Zoomable Silverlight Image Viewer Control
Rectangle Rubberband Selection
Antialias Display for color and grayscale images
Multipage TIFF Support
Multipage PDF Support (for read/decode capability the PDF Reader Add-On is required)
Support for annotations


EXIF Metadata read and write support in TIFF and JPEG images
EXIF Makernote support for many camera manufacturers
IPTC Metadata read and write support in TIFF and JPEG images
TIFF Tag Metadata read and write support, with arbitrary tags
Support for writing Adobe XMP Metadata in PDF, TIFF, and JPEG images
Support for retrieving Adobe XMP Metadata from TIFF and JPEG images.
Support for reading and writing WANG annotation data in TIFF images
Read and Write Adobe Photoshop Resource Metadata
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Color Management

Full support of Microsoft ICM 2.0 to display images with colors that are exactly as intended
Read and write embedded ICC color profiles from images
Convert CMYK images to RGB using color profiles
Automatically correct colors based on target and display profiles
Create virtual printed "proofs"
Black Point Compensation

Drawing and Watermarking

Compliment GDI+ by drawing primitives and text directly onto colormapped, 1-bit, and CMYK images using GDI

Document Cleanup and Bi-tonal Image Processing

Automatically deskew binary images
Automatically remove small specks (despeckle) on binary images
Automatically remove heavy noise on binary images using median filter
Advanced adaptive, global, and simple thresholding to convert color and grayscale images to binary
Automatic border detection and removal of binary images
Automatically Negate Images that are inverted
Detect Blank Pages
Remove Specs of a defined size
Crop Borders surrounding an image
Automatic inversion of inverted text regions
Remove a blob of a defined size
Detect and remove elliptical hole punch artifacts
Detect and remove Solid, Broken, and Dotted Lines while reconnecting broken characters
Margin Crop
Detect and remove Halftone "dot shading" in a binary image
Detect Color on a scanned Document
Native Color Deskew
Advanced Document Cleanup

Photographic Image Processing

Asynchronous / multi-threading support
Progress Event that's fired for each row processed
Unlimited Undo & Redo levels
Region of Interest Processing
Levels, AutoLevels, Curves, and AutoContrast Commands
Red Eye Removal
Dust and Scratch Removal
Over 20 resampling methods
Rotate, Skew, Crop, ResizeCanvas, Flip, Quadrilateral Warp
Push, ApplyPallete, ChangePixelFormat, Generate Noise
Overlay, Overlay Masked, Overlay Merged
Look up Table (LUT) functions, Swap Channels, Shift Channels
Invert, Replace Channel, Flatten Alpha, Set Alpha Mask
Drop Shadow, Adjust Tint, Bevel Edge, Adjust Brightness / Contrast
Histogram Equalize, Histogram Stretch, Mosaic, Bevel Edge
De-Interlace, Motion Blur, Gamma Adjust, Posterize, Solarize
Gaussian Blur, Unsharp Mask, Adaptive Unsharp Mask
Grayscale Morphological Filters
Emboss, Sharpen, Threshold, Mean, Median, Midpoint
Convolution Matrix, High Pass Filter
28 Transforms including BumpMap, Elliptical, Stretch, Lens, Line Slice, Marble, Offset, Perlin, Pinch, Polygon, Random, Ripple, Spin, SpinWave, Wave, Wow, ZigZag, and User Defined
10 Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Filters
Advanced Photo Effects
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Supports multiple annotation types
  • Rectangle and Rectangle Highlighter
  • Redaction
  • Ellipse
  • Line
  • Freehand and Freehand Highlighter
  • Text
  • Note
  • Rectangle Hotspot
  • Embedded Image
  • Referenced Image
  • Polygon
  • Lines
  • Ink and Ink Highlighter
  • Rubberstamp
  • Callout
Annotate multipage documents
Persist annotations into an XMP file
Persist annotations into an image as XMP or WANG annotation data
WPF Native Annotation Control
Silverlight Native Annotation Control
Persist annotations into a PDF (and view PDF Annotations)
Burn annotations into an image
Create and persist your own custom annotations
Annotations can be individually rotated or flipped
Annotations can be rotated with the image in 90 degree increments
Undo/Redo capability
Supports ASP.NET Web Annotations with AJAX technology
AJAX-based vector annotations (FreeHand, Polygon, Lines)
Add comment thread to any annotation

TWAIN Scanning

Interface with any TWAIN compatible device
Query all TWAIN capabilities, including custom capabilities
Set all supported TWAIN capabilities, including custom ones
Support for ADF (automatic document feeders) and batch scanning
Supports duplex scanning
Define an area of an image to scan with Frame support
Acquire images directly to file, or via events
Support for buffered memory transfer
Multi-Threaded Background Scanning Support
TWAIN 2.0 Support

Add-On Modules

The following modules require additional licensing and are not included with the core DotImage SDK.

Barcode Recognition
Barcode Writing
PDF Reader
Word Reader
JBIG2 Codec
JPEG2000 Codec
CAD Reader
ISIS Scanning
Forms Processing
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