Atalasoft DotImage

PDF Reader/Decoder SDK for .NET

An add-on to Atalasoft DotImage SDK

DotImage includes single-image PDF page creation, but with Atalasoft DotImage PDF Reader add-on, developers can integrate PDF viewing, printing, and format conversion. If you're working with existing PDFs, you will need this SDK.

Our products support PDFs in many ways. See our PDF component overview to learn more.

DotImage PDF Reader Overview

DotImage PDF Reader Add-On decodes PDF documents into color or grayscale raster images which then behave like any other image format inside of DotImage.

This supports complicated PDFs with vectors, text, patterns, and transparency as well as simple image-only PDFs. Extract the images out of the PDF, rasterize the vector objects to a new image, or render directly onto a printer with absolutely no Adobe Acrobat dependencies. Requires any edition of DotImage.

PDF Reader with Text Extraction Option

With the PDF Reader with Text Extraction option, developers get everything in PDF Reader plus they can find text or extract text from PDFs. Combine this with our DotImage annotation tools and automatically highlight and find searched text.

Feature List

  • Add high-speed viewing of PDF documents to your applications
  • Convert PDFs to raster images in the DotImage viewers without the Adobe Acrobat SDK
  • Print PDF documents using the DotImage printing components or by rendering onto a printer graphics object
  • Convert PDF documents into any supported DotImage image format (multipage TIFF, JPEG, etc).
  • Integrates with our web viewers for server-side viewing, panning, and zooming of PDF documents
  • Extract all images from a specified PDF page to their native bit depth
  • Specify a resolution to use when rasterizing the PDF for instant PDF thumbnails
  • Supports CCIT G3, G4, Flate, and JPEG embedded images
  • Support for PDF/A, JBIG2, and JPEG2000 compressed images
  • Supports PDF Specification versions 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6 
  • Supports all font types: Type1, TrueType, Type0, Type3
  • Supports all text rendering modes (full, stroke, clipping)
  • Supports tiling patterns and shadings
  • Supports all colorspaces: RGB, Gray, CMYK, ICCBased, Lab, Indexed, and Separation.
  • Runtime royalty free desktop licensing
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DotImage gives many options for using images in PDF:

PdfDecoder decoder = new PdfDecoder();
AtalaImage myImage = decoder.Read(imageStream, 0, null);

RegisteredDecoders.Decoders.Add(new PdfDecoder());

With the second method, you don't need to worry about what type of file you are opening -- DotImage will determine what decoder you need automatically when you create a new AtalaImage.

More information to see the PDF Reader in action:
TIFF and PDF: What's the difference and how to convert between them
ThinDoc: a Zero-Footprint, Full-Screen PDF Viewer
Extract Text from a PDF Document
How to Highlight a Search Query on a PDF Page

Customer Quotes

On the selection of an imaging toolkit for their custom image and PDF application:

"We started with two other imaging toolkits, but both were difficult to deploy and not integrated with .NET. We made the switch to Atalasoft's DotImage.

One of the best things for us is the way DotImage works with multiple pages with the workspace viewer. End users expect to be able to insert pages and delete pages or just clean them up.

With some of the other products, it took hundreds of lines of code.

- William Morgenweck, The College of Charleston

Download 30-day Trial
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