Scan Enable your Web Apps
WingScan Web Scanning

Embed scanning into web apps with minimal code - without leaving your application's UI. Choose a scanner, scan, validate, then submit to a repository.

Automatically Clean & Rotate

WingScan VRS includes Kofax VRS features to improve readability by automatically cleaning poorly scanned images and correcting flipped or misaligned pages.

Control Scan Settings

Set the desired resolution, color depth, paper size, or other settings based on your requirements. Flexibility to choose file format, document type, and location.

Minimal Footprint
OCR and Barcode Reading

Supports IE7+, Chrome, & Firefox with lightweight browser extensions to securely interface with the scanner. No 3rd party scan apps for your IT team to manage.

WingScan - Add Scanning to Your Custom ASP.NET or Java Web Portal Application

  • Try this sample web application with your own scanner and documents: try it online or get a 30-day SDK trial

Scan any document at its Point of Origination™ in your web application without a 3rd party scanning client

WingScan is a minimal footprint web scanning client that integrates into any ASP.NET or Java website with minimal coding required. After the document is scanned, the end user can verify the integrity of the scan with a zero-footprint image viewer, and then save to MS SharePoint, Kofax Capture, or a custom database.

  • Dramatically reduce the time it takes to build scanning into your web apps
  • Improve web-to-repository document workflow with minimal coding
  • Ensure your images are clean and prepared for OCR or barcode recognition
  • Further extend WingScan’s capabilities with the DotImage SDK or JoltImage SDK
  • For building client-only scanning applications, see the DotTwain SDK
  • Read in the index fields associated with a repository and content type from SharePoint, edit them and include their values on the import.
  • Import documents into SharePoint.

Automatically Clean While Scanning with Kofax eVRS

Atalasoft WingScan with eVRS (embedded VRS) cleans-up documents as they are being scanned so that each page is perfectly legible and ready for data extraction. It is a lightweight version of Kofax VRS Elite perfect for web scanning and is an optional add-on to WingScan.

Intelligent Rotation

Simply drop a batch of documents into your scanner and let VRS analyze the content on each page and determine which side is up.

Color Detection

Detect and retain color in mixed batches of color and black-and-white documents without presorting.

Automatic Crop and DeskewAutomatic Crop and Deskew

Automatically crop and deskew each image based on the edges of the original documents.

Blank Page DeletionBlank Page Deletion

Intelligently delete blank pages when you scan a batch of single-sided and double-sided documents.

Color DropoutColor Dropout

Detect solid background color (i.e. colored paper) and treat it as white.

Improved RecognitionImproved Recognition

Dramatically increase the accuracy of your character recognition (OCR and ICR) software by delivering it cleaner images.

Download WingScan
Download WingScan

WingScan supports nearly all .NET & Java Development Platforms and Environments

  • ASP.NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5
  • Windows Server running IIS
  • Java 1.6 and above
  • Any Java IDE compatible with Java 1.6
  • Deployable in standards-compliant J2EE Servlet containers
  • Browsers Supported include IE7+, Firefox, and Chrome

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