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WingScan® Features

Web scanning controls for .NET, backed by in-house TWAIN experts.
Web Based Scanning
What is it?

A JavaScript API and MSI file that allow for scanning a document directly through a client's browser from a TWAIN enabled device attached to a Windows (v7+) computer.


What Problems does it solve?
  • Distributed Office Scanning - All documents scanned through a web portal automatically end up in the same repository or workflow management system
  • Customer Scanning - A simple install process and fully customizable front-end allows end users to submit documents directly from their scanners to a web portal
  • Cross Browser Support - Support currently includes these major HTML5 supported browsers:
    • Firefox
    • Chrome
    • Internet Explorer (v 9+)
    • Edge
Optional VRS Cleanup
What is it?

An add-on engine to our web scanning SDK that optimizes a document for data extraction and removes user errors

What Problems does it solve?
  • Incorrectly Scanned Pages - Automatically rotate pages so that the text is facing upright
  • Remove Erroneous Marks - Remove issues like coffee stains, wrinkles, or highlighter from an image so it can still be cleanly read by an OCR engine
Customer Onboarding
What is it?

Use our scanning control to handle the customer sign up process


What Problems does it solve?
  • Form Capture - Ask a user for specific documents one at a time and allow them to scan directly to a website
  • Data validation - Show the user a scanned form and allow them to verify extracted data before submission 
.NET Server Backend
What is it?

A prebuilt .NET (v2.0+) handler and interfaces to create a custom handler for the input of a scanned document from the frontend control.

What Problems does it solve?
  • Send document to custom repository or database - Add custom code to a handler to send the document to the desired location
Combine with DotImage
What is it?

When you combine WingScan with our DotImage SDK, you get a library that makes the image origination and transformation of  a scanned document fully automated.


What Problems does it solve?
  • Scanned Documents to Searchable PDF - Automatically convert a captured document into a searchable PDF file
  • Form Capture and Verification - Read a PDF form and OCR its contents, then present the data back to the user in our Web Document Viewer for verification
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