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INFO: Codecs For DotImage (Supported Image Types)


This is a list of image Codecs supported by DotImage (it is current for v 11.4)

Note that not all Image formats are supported for both reading (Decoder) and writing (Encoder). If a format has a Decoder we can read the file. If a format has an Encoder we can create the file.

Also note that some codecs are optional add-on products which may require additional licensing. (Example - PdfEncoder is included with DotImage DocumentImaging but PdfDecoder is an optional Add-on)

Also Also note: we do not support video / animation, so any formats listed here that may include video are still image only and likely the frames would be seen as separate frameindexes as multi-framed still images

Atalasoft does not use file extensions to differentiate between different image/file types - we actually use our RegisteredDecoders.Decoders collection to check headers within files. This means if you had a TIFF that was mislabeled as a PNG, we'd still detect it was a TIFF and use TiffDecoder on it.

Format ImageDecoder ImageEncoder Assembly Location License
JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
JpegDecoder JpegEncoder Atalasoft.dotImage DotImage (base SDK)
PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
PngDecoder PngEncoder Atalasoft.dotImage DotImage (base SDK)
BMP (Bitmap)
BmpDecoder BmpEncoder Atalasoft.dotImage DotImage (base SDK)
TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)
TiffDecoder TiffEncoder Atalasoft.dotImage DotImage (base SDK)
GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
GifDecoder GifEncoder Atalasoft.dotImage DotImage (base SDK)
PCX PcxDecoder PcxEncoder Atalasoft.dotImage DotImage (base SDK)
TGA (Targa) TgaDecoder TgaEncoder Atalasoft.dotImage DotImage (base SDK)
PSD (Photoshop - legacy)
PsdDecoder PsdEncoder Atalasoft.dotImage DotImage (base SDK)
WBMP (Windows Bitmap)
WbmpDecoder WbmpEncoder Atalasoft.dotImage DotImage (base SDK)
EMF (Enhanced windows MetaFile)
EmfDecoder EmfEncoder Atalasoft.dotImage DotImage (base SDK)
WMF (Windows MetaFile)
WmfDecoder WmfEncoder Atalasoft.dotImage DotImage (base SDK)
TLA TlaDecoder TlaEncoder Atalasoft.dotImage DotImage (base SDK)
PCD PcdDecoder  - Atalasoft.dotImage DotImage (base SDK)
PNM PnmDecoder PnmEncoder Atalasoft.dotImage DotImage (base SDK)
PDF  - PdfEncoder Atalasoft.dotImage.Pdf DotImage Document Imaging
PDF** PdfDecoder  - Atalasoft.dotImage.PdfReader PdfReader Add-on
RAW* (.RAW, .NEF, .CR2, .DNG, etc...) RawDecoder  - Atalasoft.dotImage.Raw DotImage Photo Pro +
JPEG 2000** Jp2Decoder Jp2Encoder Atalasoft.dotImage.Jpeg2000 DotImage Document Imaging
JBIG2** Jb2Decoder Jb2Encoder Atalasoft.dotImage.Jbig2 DotImage Document Imaging
DWG** DwgDecoder - Atalasoft.dotImage.Dwg DotImage Document Imaging
DXF** DwgDecoder - Atalasoft.dotImage.Dwg DotImage Document Imaging
DICOM** DicomDecoder - Atalasoft.dotImage.Dicom DotImage Document Imaging
DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, RTF, PPT, PPTX, MSG, VSD, VSDX *** OfficeDecoder - Atalasoft.dotImage.Office Office Decoder Add-on
XPS XpsDecoder - Atalasoft.dotImage.Wpf DotImage Document Imaging
JpegXrDecoder JpegXrEncoder Atalasoft.dotImage.Wpf DotImage Document Imaging
EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)
- EpsEncoder Atalasoft.dotImage.Wpf DotImage Document Imaging
HEIF / HEIC **** †
HeifDecoder - Atalasoft.dotImage.Heif DotImage Document Imaging
EML (non MS Outlook Email Archive)
EmlDecoder - Atalasoft.dotImage.CommonDecoders DotImage Document Imaging
HtmlDecoder - Atalasoft.dotImage.CommonDecoders DotImage Document Imaging
WebPDecoder - Atalasoft.dotImage.CommonDecoders DotImage Document Imaging
TXT, TEXT (Plain Text ASCII)
TxtDecoder - Atalasoft.dotImage.CommonDecoders DotImage Document Imaging
*Included with DotImage Photo Pro and DotImage Document Imaging
**Available as a separate plug-in module
*** OfficeDecoder As of 11.5 now adds support for .MSG files (MS Outllok Message) as well as Visio files.
 ***** EML, HTML, WEBP, TXT Decoders (Atalasoft.dotImage.CommonDecoders) added in DotImage 11.5
† Included with DotImage Document Imaging level license
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