OmniPage OCR

Kofax OmniPage offers industry-leading optical character recognition (OCR) for fast, easy and accurate document conversion. Instantly turn paper and digital documents into files you can edit, search and share securely.  Omnipage is currently a stand alone option.  Contact Atalasoft Sales for more details

OmniPage Server

Kofax OmniPage Server accurately digitizes, converts and compresses files in your document archives at scale. With Kofax OmniPage Server, you’ll be deploying a high-volume, server-based PDF and image converter using the leading OCR technology. Your organization will experience an immediate ROI with increased productivity, accuracy and reduced costs by putting that information to work in important business processes.


OmniPage Capture SDK

The Kofax OmniPage Capture SDK integrates powerful optical character recognition (OCR) technology into any platform to automate image conversion and compression workflows. Whether your project calls for the conversion of 1, or 1 million, pages per day – the OmniPage Capture SDK is the right toolkit for you. It offers fast & incredibly accurate OCR, ICR, barcode recognition, PDF compression, document classification, forms processing and can handle challenging images from mobile devices with ease.


Highly Accurate and Effective

OmniPage solutions offer amazing accuracy, intelligent character recognition and zonal recognition, so you can quickly create editable documents.  The best choice for businesses or software developers to efficiently manage high-volume document conversion.  With over 100 supported langauges you can shorten development cycles and accelerate business processes.


OCR For Any Business

OmniPage allows you to automatically convert millions of documents at a time and process documents nonstop in a single workflow.  The simple-to-use API privides powerful conversion technology and save valuable storage space with PDF super compression.  Whether you are converting a handful of paper documents or millions of pages, OmniPage solutions are perfect for a single user, a small business or an enterprise with 24/7 conversion processes.


Convert Documents at Scale

Automatically and accurately convert from the most popular formats, such as TIFF, JPEG and PDF, into a wide range of word processing, spreadsheet and other document types such as DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, RTF, TXT, text PDF, searchable PDF and PDF/A


Atalasoft DotImage made it quick and easy to develop a web application that we built for our customers to use.

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