Atalasoft's DotImage SDK provides robust viewing technology for captured documents. Scan, view, convert, edit, annotate, and transform paper and electronic documents in your desktop and web applications.


DotImage® Features

Web Document Viewing
What is it?

DotImage includes HTML5 viewers and javascript controls to open, view, and interact with documents in any modern browser.


  • Web Viewing of TIFF, PDF*, and many other image formats with no browser plugins or downloads.
  • Standard and customizable markup and redaction annotations in an integrated toolbar
  • Straightforward page management and viewing for multiple documents

*PDF Viewing and Manipulation requires the PDF Reader add-on.


Technical Details

TWAIN Scanning
What is it?

DotImage includes DotTwain, a library for interacting with scanners on a Windows machine, adhering to the TWAIN standards for scanner and camera drivers.

For scanning on the web, see WingScan.

  • Desktop Scanning - Configure and start a scan using DotTwain’s simple API
  • Custom Separation - Use barcodes or any other behavior to automatically divide and create individual documents from a bulk scan 


Technical Details

What is it?

Back-end and UI controls that allow adding, editing, viewing, and deleting mark-ups from a document.  Annotations can be embedded or stored separately from a document.

  • Redact sensitive information or highlight critical information
  • Add custom stamps, visual signatures, or text notes to a document
  • Collaboration - quickly add annotation support to your application


Technical Details

Format Independence
What is it?

The DotImage .NET Developer SDK supports a set of image encoders and image decoders that open images as if they are the same format. PDF, TIFF, JPG, PNG, RAW, and others are handled the same when opened.


  • Easily convert a single document from one format to another, or process multiple documents at a time (batch processing).
  • Remove the complexity of supporting multiple formats by treating all formats the same in code.

Technical Details

Page Management
What is it?

DotImage includes a library for altering document structure in multipage PDF and TIFF files


  • DotImage can easily add, delete, or rearrange pages in a document with low memory consumption.
  • Simple methods to combine multiple documents into one document.


Technical Details

Raster Image Manipulation
What is it?

The DotImage SDK functions and engines to assist in converting an image into storable formats

  • ​Image Cleanup - Use our Imaging SDK’s functions to remove scanning artifacts, orient the page correctly, or remove noise that will interfere with the transformation process
  • Direct pixel access - Format and stream pixels into any engine to perform detection for the transformation process


Technical Details

WinForms Controls
What is it?

A series of WinForms UI controls for viewing and annotating a document


  • WinForms Viewing - Viewers for a WinForms application
  • WPF Viewing - Viewers for a Windows Presentation Forms application


Technical Details

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Microsoft Office
What is it?

Add-on to our core DotImage SDK library to allow for the use of Office formats


  • Microsoft Office Decoders for viewing the following Office formats:
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint


Technical Details

Barcode Reading and Writing
What is it?

An add-on engine for DotImage that locates barcodes in an image and a set of renderers and draws them onto existing images


  • ​Physical Data Storage - Store data in a physical image and recapture that image later to extract the information 
  • License Reading - All of the data from a driver's license is on the PDF-417 barcode on the back. Controls are included to get an image of it and read the data
  • Document Templates - With a barcode on your forms dictating which form it is, greatly simplify the problem of document transformation into data


Technical Details

ISIS Scanning
What is it?

ISIS, like TWAIN, is a scanner driver standard. ISIS is designed to operate large scale, multithreaded scanners with no additional slow downs from the driver

  • ISIS Desktop Capture - With our libraries, ISIS is just as simple as TWAIN

Technical Details

OCR/ICR Transformation
What is it?

A DotImage add-on which includes an API and collection of engines to recognize text and extract data from document images

  • Zonal Extraction - Extract data from a specific zone to create proper index fields
  • Scan to Searchable PDF - Run a scanned document through our engines to get a Searchable PDF
  • Text Recognition - Identify alphabetical and numeric characters from a scanned image


Technical Details

OMR Transformation
What is it?

This format is included with DotImage

DotImage’s built-in library designed to assist with template matching and mark recognition

  • Template Matching - Compare a document to a template and get a match percentage
  • Bubble Forms - Extract filled in bubble data
  • Checkboxes - Determine if a checkbox is marked on a paper form


Technical Details

PDF Rasterization
What is it?

An add-on for our Imaging SDK that includes a black box engine for converting vector-based PDF documents into raster (pixel-based) images


  • ​Native PDF Viewing - View a PDF directly in a custom Windows or web application while embedding it outside of Adobe Reader
  • Conversion - Convert from PDF to another image format


Technical Details

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Atalasoft impacted us in two ways. First, DotImage gave us the tools we needed to view and annotate images and it fit perfectly into our architecture. Second, support has been excellent. With excellent support we have been able to quickly respond to our customer’s needs.

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