Atalasoft’s WingScan SDK provides scanning controls for .NET web applications and allows you to scan directly from a web browser and save to a repository without the need to save locally first.  Capture documents from any TWAIN-compliant scanner and control the settings of the capture process within the browser. If you have any questions please let us know


WingScan® Features

Web Based Scanning (in browser)

WingScan is a JavaScript API and Windows (v7+) Service for communicating directly with a TWAIN device through a web application.

WingScan allows you can scan from a web browser - this improves security and enables end users to scan directly to a repository without the need to save locally first. It is accomplished by using a lightweight http server on the scanning computer that the browser can communicate with and a handler on the serverside.  WingScan is a stand alone product with a streamlined viewer - however when you combine WingScan with our DotImage SDK you have superior web based scanning combined with powerful viewing controls to make capturing and processing documents effortless. 

  • Browser-based Scanning - WingScan includes fully customizable browser controls that allow end users to submit documents directly from their scanners
  • Viewing -- WingScan includes an HTML5/JavaScript document viewer for scanned documents.  For a more robust viewing experience, see our DotImage SDK.
  • Easy installation -- WingScan includes a simple process for installing the Windows Service on the client machine.
  • Browser Support - Firefox, and Chrome
  • Click here for additional Technical Specifications, API's and Developer Guides

What users experience

Users will need to install a windows msi file so your application can talk to their TWAIN-enabled scanner. There needs to be a clientside protocol and browsers have decided to move away from NPAPI (More information on this move

Javascript Controls for embedded web app scanning

  • Atalasoft.Controls.Capture.WebScanning
    • Configurable options
      • Optional Virtual Re-Scan (VRS) Automatic Clean up technology
      • PixelType
      • Duplex
    • Automatically detects compatibility and directs user to installer
      • Installs lightweight driver interaction application
      • Enables web scanning as a possiblity

Serverside ASP.NET Handler:

  • WebCaptureRequestHandler
    • Used to provide custom functionality to the scanning control
Optional VRS Cleanup

Virtual Re-Scan (VRS) Technology that provides superior image cleanup.


  • Incorrectly Scanned Pages - Automatically rotates, deskews, and orients pages so that the text is properly aligned.
  • Remove Erroneous Marks - Remove issues like coffee stains, wrinkles, or highlighter from an image so it can be cleanly processed.
  • Improve accuracy - OCR and barcode extraction are greatly improved.


Combine with DotImage

When you combine WingScan with our DotImage SDK, you have superior web-based scanning combined with powerful viewing controls to make capturing and processing documents effortless in your web application.


  • Scanned Documents to Searchable PDF - Use WingScan and an OCR engine to convert captured documents into searchable PDF files.
  • Batch Scanning - Use WingScan and our Barcode Reader to scan multiple pages at once, separate by barcodes, and create multiple Tiff or Pdf files.
.NET Server Backend

WingScan uses a .NET handler to pass a scanned document from the front end control to the application server-side.


  • Send document to custom repository or database - Add custom code to a handler to send the document to the desired location
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