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Government Document Viewing Developer Tools

Document Imaging in State and Federal Organizations


Developers who work for State departments or federal organizations around the world often have the need for custom tools to view and edit documents. These applications are built internally to the organization or project managed through a trusted app development company. Atalasoft provides the tools required to build image viewing apps and extend that further with transformation tools like OCR and barcode reading.

  • Scanning documents into a repository - for fast, clean document scanning, Atalasoft provides desktop and server-based scan controls to communicate with TWAIN devices and prepare them for storage or transformation.
  • Viewing documents - If there are archived tax documents or RFPs to pull, our HTML5-ready APIs allow app developers to build public or secure embedded document viewers. This will handle PDF and TIFF documents in a native, web-ready page. This zero-footprint application can be built with little effort and handle a variety of raw document formats.


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