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Healthcare and Document Imaging: What Matters and What Application Development Tools are Available

Document imaging in healthcare

In Healthcare, document imaging is most commonly needed for displaying or capturing paper versions of patient records. Additional raw image formats from diagnostic scanners are commonly attached to patient records in the DICOM format. Atalasoft provides SDKs for working with all of these image sources and formats and converting and archiving them in a single preferred format. Our Transformation SDKs allow the use of OCR or barcode reading to extract information for full digital conversion of paper records into true Electronic Health Records.

Use cases and how Atalasoft can help developers

Customer Onboarding - Atalasoft's SDKs enable developers to create tools for medical record staff to more efficiently interact and clean up incoming patient records, no matter what format or standards the previous office used. Any missing information can be gathered electronically by displaying an interactive PDF form in our Web Document Viewer control.

Electronic Health Records - Maintaining records and staying up to date with standards is a difficult task. With Atalasoft's SDKs, writing tools to integrate incoming documents and update an EHR archive are made much more simple, so your developers can save time.

Meaningful Use Integration - Extracting data from scans and viewing patient records from a centralized, server-accessible location can result in better diagnoses and make it easier to submit electronic data and results to appropriate registries. Atalasoft's OCR and document viewing APIs help developers reach these objectives.

Patient Record Transfer - Whether the receiving office wants paper documents or a PDF or another image format, Atalasoft helps by making the conversions between formats simple with easy to use conversion and PDF creation tools.

Healthcare Form Capture/Digitalization - With our Wingscan product, it is possible to have end users and other offices scan directly to a repository for processing. Once in processing our Document Imaging SDKs make it simple to create processes for data extraction and transformation.

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