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TWAIN and Mobile Capture SDKs

Atalasoft's software development kits (SDKs) provide function libraries, tools, and visual components that help developers create a customized application or extension to a preexisting solution that solves a business problem with digitalizing paper documents. Our SDKs are free for 30-days for your evaluation.

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Document Capture, Scanning Processes, and Developer Tools

The Document Capture Ecosystem

Document Capture involves the use of computer hardware to digitalize a paper document and prepare it for any additional electronic workflow. In the document imaging world, this requires a customized software solution to allow communication between capture devices (scanners, copiers, and mobile devices). In general, capture is done in these three steps:

  1. Paper document is digitalized in a raster format (pixel based, e.g. png, tiff, or jpeg) by a device natively and transferred to the processing computer.
  2. The new digital document is put through transformation processes to extract data such as fields, signatures, barcodes, and text.
  3. The digital document and its new metadata are stored in a repository to be drawn out when a process requires it.

These processes make up a myriad of business cases such as customer onboarding, form transmission, legacy paper archive conversion, and company wide document access.

Developer SDKs and APIs to Build These Apps

Here at Atalasoft we make software development tools in the form of an SDK to empower developers to create customized document capture systems. To simply these tasks even further we provide:

Javascript, browser-based web scanning control - Have offices or even end users scan directly into a repository, with no need to save locally.

TWAIN SDK - fully interact with a local desktop scanner through the TWAIN API in a simple .NET application

Camera Controls for iOS and Android Devices - capturing a picture of a document and having it be readable with a mobile camera can be difficult. Our controls make sure you take a good picture of the document and automatically clean up and prepare for transfer to a server for processing.