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Document Transformation Libraries - Barcode, OMR, OCR/ICR

Document Transformation: an Explanation of Tools and Tips for Common Business Application Development

Terms to Know

Business documents often need to be processed and handled appropriately. Document Transformation is a fairly new concept to describe several older technologies that all assist in processing a raw visual document (like a scanned paper document), identifying what type of document it is, routing it to the appropriate system for handling the document, and finally converting the visual data into contextual data for the system to consume further. There are several techniques that work together to accomplish this task:

  • Barcode Reading - Some documents have barcodes, and documents can be identified using their data. This allows for routing or understanding the remainder of the document's context.
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) - Each area on a document template can be examined for marks. Bubble sheets or forms with checkboxes are processed by OMR software.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR/ICR) - A document can be streamed through an OCR engine to extract all of the type-faced or handwritten text in it, or specifically targeted to a zone on the page to extract a single field of data. 

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Developer Tools for Barcode, OMR, OCR/ICR - APIs and Components for .NET and Mobile

For application developers, all of these techniques are available in easy-to-use developer SDKs provided by Atalasoft.               

  • Barcode reading and writing tools for page separation and indexing
  • OMR and forms classification tools for .NET
  • OCR developer tools and engines to pull text from a flat, scanned image

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