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HOWTO: License file logging


Please note: this article applies to DotImage 6.0c and newer versions.

When license issues arise that don't fall under normal solutions, we may ask you to generate a log file from your project. This is a feature built into the Atalasoft.Shared library.

  1. Open the registry with RegEdit
  2. For x86 computers or x64 computers troubleshooting x64 applications the HKLM\Software\Atalasoft key will be used. For x64 computers troubleshooting x86 applications the HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Atalasoft key will be used. We recommend adding logging to both unless you are certain which scenario you will encounter.
  3. Right-click the "Atalasoft" Key and choose [New->String Value] (will create a REG_SZ)
  4. Name the string value "Logfile"
  5. Set the value of the string value to a full path of a file to log to.
  6. You will want to go and create a blank text file with the name of the log file at the path from the previou step. It expects a full path on disk. For example, you can use c:\atalasoft-log.txt. If you are adding values to both the Software\Atalasoft and Software\Wow6432Node\Atalasoft locations that the names are unique. Something like c:\AtalaLog\atalasoft-x86.txt and c:\AtalaLog\atalasoft-x64.txt will suffice. (if you do not create the empty text file, the first time you run it will create it but it will be blank.. if it creates a blank file run it again)
  7. Run your application through to the error message.
  8. Then, send us the logfile that is generated.

When everything is working properly, be sure that the registry value is removed.

NOTE: C:\Windows\Temp is a protected directory and is generally NOT recommended for a location for your log file. The Web process needs to have full permissions to be able to write to the file location.

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