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FAQ: Is there any Support for ImgX


ImgX is the original product that Atalasoft's founder created.

DotImage was created to replace and surpass it but we did sell and support ImgX alongside of earlier DotImage for some years.

However, ImgX ended all sales and support well over a decade ago, and unfortunately we have no resources to support it in any way.

If you have a business need such as "I need to convert jpeg to png" or "I need to resize images" etc, our DotImage Document Imaging SDK is fully capable and works on current supported MS operating systems, and you're welcome to install the SDK and request a 30 day evaluation and see if DotImage could meet your needs - you'd basically need to replace your ImgX based code with DotImage and your app would need to target .NET Framework 3.5 or 4.5.2 or higher - windows forms wpf, console app, windows service, WCF service or web app / service etc.

Please visit our DotImage Product and/or Download Page and/or Sample Applications (Desktop) for more information

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