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HOWTO:Verify That You Have Successfully Embedded Licensing in EXE


When following our instructions on how to embed a license in an exe

.NET Framework

.NET 5 / .NET 6

You end up with an exe that SHOULD run on any system without additional licensing. However it is best to verify this.

OPTION 1: Test on an Unlicensed Computer

Copy the exe to a machine where you have no Atalasoft SDK licenses installed or active and run it

OPTION 2: HIDE Your SDK License

First, follow the license embedding instructions depending on whether you're .NET Framework or .NET 5/6

.NET Framework: HOWTO: License an EXE for Deployment (.NET Framework)

.NET 5 / 6: HOWTO:License a .NET 6 Application (embedding license in an exe)

Next,  you need to know which version of DotImage you're using such as 11.3, 11.4 etc (just major.minor as licensing doesn't go any more granular)

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to
c:\users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Atalasoft DotImage 11.4\

(11.4, 11.3 etc...)

Make a sub-folder named "HIDE" or "BACKUP" etc.

MOVE (not copy) all your Atalasoft.*.lic files into that folder

Run the solution - DO NOT REBUILD it - Go to the solution bin directory and run the exe directly

IF it runs correctly you're licensed.. if it does not then it did not embed licensing correctly

Make sure you replace your license file back after testing

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