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BUG: DotTwain Device.GetSupportedResolutions() is returning TwainResolution with 0,0 for X and Y Values


UPDATE: Nov 15, 2023 - fixed in

This issue has been addressed in FixPack 12 of DotImage 11.4

Please upgrade to version or newer to address this issue.

Original KB article content

A Regression has been found in DotImage - that breaks the call to Device.GetSupportedResolutions() by causing it to always return 0 as the X and Y values

You get an array with the correct number of values and correct Units but the X and Y are always 0

This is a known issue and will be resolved in a future fix pack

Customers using DotTwain who are relying on this feature are urged to use or wait until we have a fix pack (we will update this KB with the fix pack number when it's resolved)

Or to change their code to use some "sane default guesses" if an array with all 0, 0 values is returned

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