DotImage SDK


DotImage is a market leading .NET imaging SDK for the professional developer.  Easily add viewing, scanning, converting, editing, and annotating to your web, mobile and desktop applications.  DotImage is fast, reliable, and backed by a remarkable Support Team.

HTML5 Web & Mobile Viewing

DotImage supports many formats including TIFF, PDF, DICOM, JPEG2000, JBIG2, Word, Excel, & PowerPoint.  You can edit, insert, reorder, remove & rotate pages as well as cleanup documents using binarize, deskew & despeckle.  DotImage includes Touch Support & Adaptive Scaling for Mobile Viewing and you can upload files using drag & drop or selection.  A Thumbnail viewer is included to easily view and rearrange pages.




PDF Support

DotImage includes the ability to convert an image from a supported format to PDF.  With our PDF Reader add-on you can view, edit, easily convert from PDF to another image format and combine or separate PDFs.  Read or write PDF meta-data or bookmarks, view and annotate PDFs, in browser PDF Form Fill and PDF/A and password required encrypted PDFs are also supported.  Add OCR to create Searchable PDFs.



View, burn and edit images with annotations.  DotImage also allows you to highlight critical information and has support for freehand, text box, sticky note, rubber stamp, line, lines, ellipse, rectangle and polygons.  DotImage includes support for annotating multipage TIFFs and the ability to view and Author PDF Annotations.  Print images with annotations as they appear on the document (Winforms only)


Format Conversion

Read or write many formats including TIFF, PNG and JPEG.   Convert from DICOM, DWG, or DXF and Convert from or to .NET Bitmap class.  With the PDF Reader add-on you can convert from or to a PDF and with the Office add-on you can read Word, Excel & PowerPoint and convert to another supported format.  Conversions can be single or in batches.


Image Processing

DotImage includes image processing for downstream processes like OCR.  Functions include crop, rotate, flip, resize, or resample.  Image clean up including complex overlays, noise addition and reduction are also included as well as color management and auto-leveling.  Additional image clean up would include deskew, despeckle and border/line/hole-punch removal.


Multi-Page Documents

Support for reordering, removing, adding, replacing, & combining pages for both TIFF and PDF.  View, edit and write multi-page documents and Combine multiple documents, remove blank or redacted pages, and split or merge multi-page documents into new documents.  For PDF support the PDF Reader add-on is required.


Desktop Viewing

DotImage includes .NET Desktop Viewing and Image Processing.  Drag & drop, page reordering, anti-aliasing & customizable thumbnail size are included.  .NET Winforms Viewing controls are available with or without annotation support.  DotImage offers several viewers controls and thumbnail viewers that can be combined.  Optical Mark Recognition (scoring multiple choice paper forms) is also included.


Atalasoft impacted us in two ways. First, DotImage gave us the tools we needed to view and annotate images and it fit perfectly into our architecture. Second, support has been excellent. With excellent support we have been able to quickly respond to our customer’s needs.

Sr. Developer, eDiscovery & Data Processing Company


Environments Supported

  • .NET Framework 3.5, 4.5.2+ (ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Windows Forms, WPF)
  • .NET 6 (ASP.NET and Windows Forms)
  • Visual Studio 2013+ for .NET Framework, Visual Studio 2022 for .NET 6
  • Windows 10+, Windows Server 2016+
  • C#, VB.NET. F#
  • 32-bit, 64-bit
  • Browsers Supported include Edge (Chromium), Chrome, Firefox, IE11, Safari (on Mac OS), Android Chrome, and iOS Safari