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Financial Document Imaging and Developer Tools Available Today

Document imaging in finance     

For banks and financial institutions, document imaging is commonly needed for displaying or capturing paper versions of customer applications and supporting documents. Atalasoft provides SDKs for working with all of these image formats, converting to a single preferred format, and preparing them for archiving. Our transformation SDKs allow the use of annotations, OCR, and barcode reading to extract information. 

How Atalasoft can help developers

Customer Onboarding - Atalasoft's SDKs enable developers to create tools for staff to more efficiently interact and clean up incoming applications, no matter what format or standards the previous office used. Any missing information can be gathered electronically by displaying an interactive PDF form in our Web Document Viewer control.

E-Signing - With developer components for both digital signature authoring and controls for PDF freehand annotations, developers can build custom web portals for e-signing a document.

Approval Workflow - Document approval can be built into an application by allowing the approver to view the document, select a page, and verify its contents in a web browser or server-based environment. Atalasoft DotImage contains developer APIs to build this document viewer and annotations mechanism with very little effort.

Compliance Management - To comply with certain regulations, (e.g. Stock Exchange listing rules), annual reports are generated. Financial providers and stakeholders need to know about a company's ability to be self-sufficient and provide true and fair accounts of performance. Document images and content can be compiled in a programmatically generated PDF using Atalasoft DotPdf.

Financial Document/Form Capture and Digitalization - With our Atalasoft WingScan product, it is possible to have end users and other offices scan directly to a repository for processing. Once in processing, our document imaging SDKs make it simple to create processes for data extraction and transformation.


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