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HTML5 Document Viewing and Annotation Controls

Developing an Application to View PDF, TIFF, and Office Docs in a Browser

HTML5 Native Image Viewing Issues

There currently is a gap of functionality on the internet in that browsers currently only display "web native" image formats (PNG, JPEG, GIF, and SVG). Popular multipage document formats like PDF, TIFF and Office formats (like Excel and Word), all cannot be displayed natively on a webpage. There are many solutions to this functionality gap that we discuss in our enterprise imaging on the web eBook.

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Atalasoft provides developer SDKs and JavaScript APIs to build viewer apps that:

  1. Work on every HTML5 browser (including mobile browsers)
  2. Enable annotations, thumbnails, and mobile support for a document
  3. Make it possible to stream individual pages on demand without downloading the entire document first.
  4. Can be embedded into an existing web page or application

The best way to solve the problem is to separate the document on the server into individual pages and convert each page to a web native format. Once this is done, a JavaScript container can be used to reduce the size of the document while allowing control such as zoom and paging through thumbnails. The Atalasoft suite of SDKs has done most of the work.

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