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ERRMSG: System.AccessViolationException in WebDocumentViewer When using Evaluation Licenses



This issue was fixed in and newer, so if you experience this issue please ensure you're on at least

The rest of the article remains for transparency


Atalasoft has identified that our evaluation licenses can cause crashes under certain circumstances.

The most common occurrence is when you have an evaluation license and are running a 64 bit process with our modern web controls (WebDocumentViewer / WebDocumentThumbnailer). When doing this in ASP.NET solutions, you may experience a situation where you see some thumbnails show with "X Evaluation days Left" watermark and other thumbnails a re not rendering...  

 In a solution using ASP.NET Core targeting .NET Framework, you'll actually get a crash with System.AccessViolationException  in Atalasoft.dotImage.Lib.dll

 The root cause is that there is an interaction between 64 bit process and our evaluation license when it attempts to watermark images warning of limited time left on an evaluation.

 Engineering is aware of this issue and plans a fix for a future release

In the meantime you can choose to either switch the app / demo to a 32 bit (x86) process, or you can contact support and let us know you're trying to use evaluation licenses with x64 web process and getting errors (it would help save you and us time if you refer to this KB article)

General process to switch to x86 (manual workaround)

NOTE: these are general steps.. each environment is slightly different

1) If your app platform target is set to x64, change that to x86 on the Project Properties Built tab in VS (Compile Tab on VB solutions)

2) remove references to our x64 dlls and replace them with their x86 counterparts
NOTE: the project Properties page has a "Reference Paths" section.. changing that to point to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Atalasoft\DotImage 11.2\bin\4.5.2\x86" will cause the references to look there and not require you to remove and re-add

ALSO NOTE: For NuGet users you would need to remove the x64 versions of our packages and use the x86 ones

3) If running IIS Express in Visual Studio, go to TOOLS -> Options and expand the Projects and Solutions tab, and find Web Projects  UNCHECK the "Use the 64 bit version of IIS Express for web sites and projects"

If running a local copy of IIS, in the IIS control panel tool go to the app pool running your site (WARNING DO NOT MODIFY YOUR PRODUCTION WEB SITE LIKE THIS.. THIS ASSUMES A DEV INSTANCE) and right click on the app pool and select Advanced Properties CHECK the "Enable 32-bit applications" and restart IIS

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