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INFO: LibRaw / DCRaw Version Update and Bringing Your Own


RawDecoder Default: DCRaw

Our Raw Decoder has used DCRaw for years. There were two issues with this. First, it had to be imported and "library-ized" so we could use it in .NET Framework / DotImage. We've done this for many years, but the second and more serious isue is that development has stalled, with the last release in 2018.

If you use our RawDecoder in default mode it will continue to use that last version of DCRaw which may not support the latest cameras

LibRaw Added in (and newer)

In, we updated RawDecoder to be able to ue LibRaw

The version in place is 0.21

However DCRaw is still our Default RenderingEngine in order to prevent breaking changes

At present, there is no direct property in RawDecoder to select the RenderingEngine, however it is possible to force. You need to add lines to your web.config or app.config.

If you just want to force LibRaw (recommended) you can use

    <section name="Atalasoft" type="Atalasoft.Shared.AtalasoftConfigSection, Atalasoft.Shared"/> 
	<RawDecoder RenderingEngine="LibRaw"/>

If you want to explicitly specify a LibRaw version (let's say that a newer version addresses a new camera not in LibRaw-0.21)

    <section name="Atalasoft" type="Atalasoft.Shared.AtalasoftConfigSection, Atalasoft.Shared"/> 
	<RawDecoder LibRawLocation="%PATH_TO_LIBRAW%\LibRaw-0.21.1\bin" UserDefinedLibRaw="true" NativeLibValidationType="Signature" RenderingEngine="LibRaw"/>
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