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PDF Developer Tools

Atalasoft's software development kits (SDKs) provide function libraries, tools, and visual components that help developers create a customized application or extension that solves a business problem with PDF documents. Our SDKs are free for 30-days for your evaluation.

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Why Use PDF as your document format?

PDF or Portable Document Format is a document standard where each page in the document is a program (written in the PDF specification's coding language) to render the page. It was created by Adobe to make it easy to share documents and has since been expanded to support many other activities. PDF has the advantage over many other document formats because it is a multi-page format, can store text and images efficiently, and because it uses code to render an image instead of a full bitmap - typically saving a large percentage of disk space.

PDF is currently used to solve many problems in the business space:

  • Printing Proofs - Can be trusted to be printed exactly as it appears on a computer as well.
  • Document Scalability - Because PDF uses vector graphics instead of raster graphics, the document content can be easily rescaled to any sized paper or banner.
  • Document Compression - PDF supports advanced compression models
  • Document Security - PDF has an advanced system of signing and encrypting that can be used to protect data and prevent the document from being altered.

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What developer tools are available?

Atalasoft's SDKs provide tools and components that help developers create a myriad of applications that solve a business need.

Here are just some of the features included in our API:

  • PDF viewing, text highlighting, and text extraction
  • Converting file formats between PDF, TIFF, and other raster formats
  • PDF signature authoring
  • Viewing and annotating PDFs in a web application, with no end-user plugins
  • Rearranging, combining, and deleting PDF pages from a document
  • Add and edit PDF bookmarks
  • Combining with OCR: generating searchable PDFs, text-underneath
  • Creating PDFs from scratch: invoice generation, POs, quotes, receipts - all programmatically

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