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Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK

v11. (11.1, Fix Pack 7) Release Notes
October 16, 2019

  • 1327780: [PdfDocument] Some PDFs beginning with an invalid character are unreadable/unrepairable
  • 1316636: [DotPdf] Corrupt Xref table can cause an infinite loop that exhausts system memory
  • 1316137: Highlight annotation incorrectly starts a property change event
  • 1311560: [WDV] Burn feature does not use rotation flag for PDF files
  • 1297323: [DotPdf] 64-bit version of DotPdf incorrectly saves some multiple font files
  • 1295784: [WDV] PDF saving causes incorrect page sizes in some cases

Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK

v11. (11.1, Fix Pack 6) Release Notes
August 29, 2019

  • 1298662: [PdfDocument] Very slow to open, repair, and split some PDFs
  • 1291717: Request to add OXPS (Open XPS) decoder to DotImage
  • 1282463: [PdfDecoder] Not correctly creating appearances for AcroForms when the NeedAppearances flag is present if AP dictionary exists
  • 1279516: [PdfDocument] Saving takes far too long on some documents
  • 1267689: WCS JS API uses a deprecated feature to send web requests synchronously

Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK

v11. (11.1, Fix Pack 5) Release Notes
July 16, 2019

  • 1274009: [PdfDocument] Cannot open certain PDFs / "Repair" fails
  • 1270601: [Pdf Annotations] Annotations exported/imported by the PdfAnnotationDataExporter grow in size

Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK

v11. (11.1, Fix Pack 4) Release Notes
May 29, 2019

  • 1267764: [PdfDecoder] Request to add support for transparent backgrounds
  • 1261352: [PdfDocument] "Insufficient Data for an Image" error appears when PDF is opened in Acrobat Reader
  • 1218060: [ABBYY] Formatting loss on RTF output files
  • 957246:  [ABBYY] OCR results on ID card are poor
  • 759257:  [PdfTranslator] Translation does not properly handle Unicode input text (such as Japanese Kanji)

Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK

v11. (11.1, Fix Pack 3) Release Notes
April 16, 2019

  • 1249027:[WDV] on IOS a long press on an annotation will bring up the context menu but neither option can be selected
  • 1246163:COD 9858 - [PdfDocument] PdfDocument and other classes reporting XML errors and refusing to open or repair
  • 1231257:[WDT] Single select mode not visually following selected pages after first manual selection
  • 1224760:[PDF] COD 9701 - PdfDocument throws NullReferenceException on saving a document with a repaired collection of pages

Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK

v11. (11.1, Fix Pack 2) Release Notes
February 28, 2019

  • 1230046:COD 9674 - [PdfDocument] Intermittently creating non-compliant PDF/A when Linearizing
  • 1224082:COD 9621 - [BarCodeReader] Certain PDF-417 barcodes containing XML strings not read properly
  • 1219267:COD 9585 - [PdfGeneratedDocument] DynamicPdfTextbox does not honor Alignment property
  • 1217735:WebCapture installer is corrupting the Software Center
  • 1217069:COD 9598 - PdfAnnotationDataExporter-{Annotations placed out of bounds on PDF when media box has non-zero location}
  • 1211095:COD 9399 - [ABBYY] - High memory usage when processing multiple single-page documents
  • 1211082:COD 9398 - [PDF] TextAlignment flag in annotations being ignored
  • 1203965:COD 9315 - [WDV] LineAnnotation with Thick outlines and start/end cap arrows burn very badly
  • 1200647:Scan error after switching from Color mode to Black and White

Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK

v11. (11.1, Fix Pack 1) Release Notes
January 23, 2019

  • 1219586:License without eVRS: results differ between Windows and macOS
  • 1210747:[KTA] "Specified cast is not valid" error is thrown when processing attached TIFF files
  • 1210304:COD 9394 - [PdfDocument] opening/repairing certain PDFs throws exception - unable to repair
  • 1204790:COD 9329 - [PdfDocument] Combining certain PDFs results in altered content
  • 1197462:COD 9266 - [TiffDecoder] Customer images rendering with missing / oddly repeating content
  • 1190498:[WDV] Polygon annotation is a supported type, but the toolbar button is missing
  • 1170280:COD 8981 - [WDV] Zoom in Chrome not working correctly

Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK

v11. (11.1, Initial Release) Release Notes
December 15, 2018

About this release

The release notes give you late-breaking information about Atalasoft DotImage 11.1. Please read this document carefully, as it contains information that is not included in other Atalasoft DotImage documentation.

Version information

The build number for Atalasoft DotImage 11.1 is

System requirements

The primary source of information about Atalasoft DotImage requirements and dependencies on other products is the Technical Specifications document posted on Atalasoft website. We recommend that you review it carefully, especially if you plan to use Atalasoft DotImage 11.1 with other Atalasoft products.

Important upgrade note

In earlier versions of the product, the DocumentSave event, DocumentSaveEventArgs, did not include the file extension for the file name property that was passed. The file extension is now included by default in the file name property.

If you created a custom workaround in an earlier version to ensure that the file extension was preserved, the workaround should be removed before upgrading to version 11.1. Otherwise, a file name such as MyFile.pdf could potentially become MyFile.pdf.pdf after the upgrade is performed.

New Features

The following features were added to Atalasoft DotImage in version 11.1.

File Upload Feature in WebDocumentViewer

Added new File Upload feature to WDV

Please see HOWTO: Completely Disable Upload Feature in WebDocumentViewer if you do not plan on using this feature - you will want to disable it

Scanning on macOS

For devices that use the Apple Image Capture system, support is added for scanning on the macOS.

Multiple recognition cultures

The Atalasoft DotImage OCR engine supports the ability to select multiple languages for recognition, if the selected OCR engine supports the same capability.

Expanded PDF/A support

  • Added PDF/A support to the PdfDocument and PdfGeneratedDocument classes.
  • Added PDF/A-1b support to the PdfEncoder and PdfTranslator classes.

Web Document Viewer enhancements

  • Simplified file upload with drag and drop support.
  • New event for developers to use when annotation text changes.
  • Update to server side file handler to return path to saved file.
  • Server side handler that allows developers to customize the response to server operations.
  • Ability to limit a document search to specific pages.
  • Ability to persist the file extension when saving a file to the server.
  • New method that gives users the ability to quickly navigate among annotations.
  • Better messaging if required libraries are missing from the viewer.

Resolved Issues

This section contains information about issues that have been resolved in Atalasoft DotImage since the prior release of this product.

Annotation became obscured after drag and drop

An annotation was sometimes partially obscured after performing a drag and drop in the same WebDocumentThumbnailer, if two thumbnailers were used simultaneously. (913196)

Saving tags in Tagged PDF files was switched off

Saving tags in Tagged PDF files was switched off when PDF files were saved with the linearization tag, and the tags were not preserved. (899341)

Known Issues

This chapter contains information about potential issues that you may encounter while using Atalasoft DotImage 11.1.

License without eVRS: results differ between Windows and macOS (fixed in

When a product license without eVRS is used, the result when importing an image or scanning on a Windows operating system differs from the result on a macOS (1219586):

  • Windows: An onScanError event is not called and the onScanCompleted event shows a valid error, "VRS license is missing or invalid," and returns success: false.
  • macOS: An onScanError event is called with a valid error, "VRS license is missing or invalid." Also, the onScanCompleted event shows that the operation succeeded and returns success: true.

Forms data lost from PDF page

If you use drag and drop to move a PDF page with forms data from one Web Document Thumbnailer to another, the forms data is lost. Forms data is also lost if you attempt to use the following command to insert a page in a PDF document (1217747):

thumb.document.insertPage(<path to pdf doc>,<page with forms>,0);

Drag and drop inconsistent with 2 horizontal thumbnailers

If a page includes two horizontal thumbnailers, drag and drop works successfully for the top thumbnailer. With the bottom thumbnailer, drag and drop works only after the top item is removed. (1213959)

  • On the macOS, this issue occurs with the Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers. However, the issue does not occur on an iPad or iPhone, or on an Android OS.
  • On a Windows operating system, this issue occurs with Microsoft Edge but not with other browsers.

Multiple page selection issue with Chrome or Firefox on macOS

While using the Chrome of Firefox browsers in a macOS environment, you cannot select multiple pages by holding down the Ctrl key. (1213340)

List of files to upload not refreshed with Safari

Safari browser: If you click Upload and then drag files to the list of files to upload to the Web Document Viewer from the Finder or Photo applications, the files are not added to the list. (1212857)

Workaround: Use the "Open file" dialog box to add to the list of files to upload.

Unable to upload file from library on iPhone or iPad on some iOS versions

If you use the Safari browser on an iPhone or iPad to upload a file to the Web Document Viewer from the library, the file is not uploaded successfully on some iOS versions. (1212769)

Workaround: To resolve the issue, upgrade to iOS 12.1.

Unexpected result if ConvertIncompatiblePagesToImages set to True

If the value for ConvertIncompatiblePagesToImages is set to true, PdfARenderer is not able to create PdfA documents, even though the initial page contains Type 1 fonts with custom encoding. (1210883)

Error when attempting to open document containing annotation without appearance

If you attempt to open and save a document that contains an annotation without appearance, the following error appears (1209493):

Atalasoft.PdfDoc.PdfException : Required element N in MLPdfAppearanceDictionary read from file is missing.

Method calls wrong callback function

The selectPageText method calls the wrong callback function if only the page index is specified. (1204503)

Workaround: Set null for the second argument:

Scan error after switching from Color mode to Black and White

When using a Fujitsu fi-7260 scanner, if you switch the color mode from Color to Black and White without
image enhancements, the following error appears (1200647):

Scanning completed with error: An image failed to import because the file content is corrupt or is not a supported file type, or the connection to the file server is broken; all selected images after the failed image (if any) were not processed. Technical details: Cannot read LoadFromBuffer - unknown or unsupported format.

Document not compliant with PDF/A-2b standard

On Windows 10, when PdfTranslator is used to create a PDF document, it is not compliant with the PDF/A-2b standard if Verdana is a built-in font. As a result, the width information is inconsistent. (1197977)

Workaround: Do one of the following to prevent the issue:

  • Using the Atalasoft DotImage API, create a custom FontMapper for the OCR engine and change Verdana to another font such as Arial.
  • Change the built-in font to the version of Verdana provided with Windows 7.

Dark Appearance not applied to dialog boxes on macOS Mojave

When the Dark Appearance setting is selected in System Preferences on macOS Mojave, the setting is not applied properly to dialog boxes. (1195954)

Transparency prevents compliance with PDF/A-1b

When transparency is used, a PDF file is not compliant with the PDF/A-1b standard. (1181476)

macOS: Installer should not require Administrator rights

If you do not have Administrator rights, and you attempt to perform the installation for the Atalasoft DotImage Service for macOS, you may be prevented from finishing successfully (1179745).

Workaround: To avoid the issue:

  1. From the installer, select Installation Type and click Change Install Location.
  2. On the Select a Destination screen, select Install for me only.
  3. Click Continue to proceed with the installation.

Corrupt thumbnails after inserting page into new document

After a page is inserted into a new document, thumbnail images become corrupted. (1121735)

Selection frame becomes detached from annotation after drag and drop

After moving an annotated page from one WDT (Web Document Thumbnailer) to another, the annotation selection frame becomes decoupled from the annotation itself. As a result, dragging moves only the annotation and leaves the frame behind in its original location. (912517)

Workaround: Reloading the page restores the annotation's normal behavior.

Recognize method may return wrong results

When the AbbyyOcrTextRegion region is manually defined, the Recognize method may return the incorrect results. This situation may occur if the text language is not specified for the custom regions, and the engine cannot determine which language to use. (864436)

No response from the WCS when using HTTPS

When using Firefox, there is no response from the WCS when using the HTTPS protocol. This issue occurs only for a new user on a computer. The issue occurs because WCS does not copy a certificate to the Firefox repository in this situation. (714491)

Saving *.CR2 file after rotating results in error

A "PhotometricInterpretation tag missing error" is displayed when you try to save a *.CR2 file after rotation. (687417)

Data overlaid in .ppt file

Currently, slide shapes are rendered as one layer, and text as a second layer. This approach prevents shapes from being rendered on top of text, but it also allows text to overlap. (673624)

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