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May 2006 - Posts

One Approach to OOP Design

There are a number of patterns that show up in architecture and design and I have a set of favorites that I pull out for certain projects. In the past I've written about indirection but this time I want to talk about a pattern I use for a system. I'm
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The Hardest Thing About Architecture

The hardest thing about being an architect is trust. The close second is clear communication. In my position, I simply don't have enough time to write, test, and debug all the code that I'm capable of designing, so it has to be put into the hands of others.
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Making and Breaking Habits

I just finished up Code Complete by Steve McConnell. In reading it, I made a list of things that I didn't agree with or found wanting. It's not because the book is poor. In fact, it's quite the opposite. The book is terrific, but it can be even better.
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