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March 2007 - Posts

Think Fast

Round about last Christmas, my boss Bill gave out watches to engineering, which I thought was both really cool and generous. Because we're geeks, we were given geek watches: The watch reads in binary. The top 4 lights are hours, the bottom 6 are minutes.
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Modern Thaumaturgy

One of my first experiences with computers was as a user of UNIX system. My dad was able to wrangle a Texas Instruments Silent 700 terminal from work and got access to the games that were available. From home at a whopping 300 baud, we played wumpus and
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Time, Money, and Performance

I have a PC at home that has been in active use for nearly six years. Like most PC's I've purchased, it was a hot machine once that inevitably has dropped into the category of underpowered. Bummer. Yet it still does what I need it to do: surf, run an
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