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July 2007 - Posts

So Which Is It?

Here's the UI on the gas pump that I saw while I was filling up my tank this morning: So what do I do? Begin fueling or wait? Wait for what? For how long? Turns out the wait was waiting for me to pick up the pump handle. Really. While I was filling the
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Professional Development

There are a number of fields where it is or is considered important to be, at the very least, in step with changes in the industry, if not ahead of the curve. Software is one of those fields. As such, it is important to be well or widely read on topics
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Good UI

Usually, I like to complain about bad UI. That's easy. There is so much bad UI in the world, it's hard not to. I try to take an extra step and describe how to fix the bad UI to make it better. For a change, I'd like to point out one small piece of good
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