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How I Learned to Start Worrying and Distrust the Bomb

This is a post about a serious bug I turned up in the Microsoft C++ compilers that target CLI (both Managed C++ and C++/CLI). One of the key concepts in software engineering is Design by Contract .  Design by Contract boils down to “say what you
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Pizza As UI Part II

In Part I, I wrote about the effect of information overload, poor communication, and misplaced convenience on user experience.  I’m going to discuss information overload in more detail and speak in a more meta sense about tools. Once again, I’m going

Pizza as UI Part I

I’m going to discuss the user experience at a local pizza restaurant as a model for what not to do in user interface design. In Easthampton, there used to be a pizza place called Pizza Wings and Things – it closed and was purchased by a place call Antonio’s

Data Longevity

One of the things that we don’t like to talk about in software engineering is the effect of recurring obsolescence.  In an industry that likes the new and shiny, the old and busted is a persistent thorn in our side.  Not simply because it is
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This Doesn’t Have to Be Broken

In this post , Lou refers to a Seth Godin’s talk about the way things can be broken .  I watched Godin’s talk, and entertaining as it is, it is missing an aspect which I think should be part of every “this is broken” statement: “…and here’s how to
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14 Things Every Software Engineer Should Know

In no particular order - Common Design Patterns – Design patterns are tools to let us solve common problems.  Knowing your design patterns can make the solution to a problem easy. At Least One Assembly Language – One can program quite well without
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