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How I Learned to Start Worrying and Distrust the Bomb

This is a post about a serious bug I turned up in the Microsoft C++ compilers that target CLI (both Managed C++ and C++/CLI). One of the key concepts in software engineering is Design by Contract .  Design by Contract boils down to “say what you
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More IEnumerable<T> Fun

This blog post will be about a practical example of using IEnumerable<T> to make solving common problems easier. Here’s a common abstract problem – walk a tree of nodes visiting each node and possibly perform an operation on a node’s contents. 

Compilers as a Commodity

Michael Tiemann wrote this retrospective about working on GCC in 1987.  It’s an interesting look back on some of the aspects of change that gcc wrought.  I share some of his experience.  In 1992 or so, I was working on a PostScript laser
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Face Detection with dotImage and OpenCV

We had a question in our forums about face detection via OpenCV .  I had looked at OpenCV a few weeks ago and had a small amount of time to burn, so I decided that this would be a fun project to tackle.  The API for OpenCV is sane and their