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June 2010 - Posts

F# Range Specification Mistake

I’ve already mentioned how much I dislike F# for loops .  I ran into an issue in the spec that affects loops as well any language construct that uses the range syntax expr 1 .. expr 2 .  The spec for ranges is this: The default definition of
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Applied F# Symposium Session 2

How to Define Consumable Classes Fine Points 1. F# is F ree, C# is C losed – members in F# are public by default, members in C# are private by default. When in doubt, spell it out. 2. F# wants you to use lots of little static functions. Our customers
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F# Symposium Session 1

I’ve been running an F# symposium internally at Atalasoft. Here is the first session’s notes and the “answers”. 1. Define simple polynomial: type polynomial = { A : double; B : double; C : double; } How do we evaluate some polynomial p at position x?
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See Ya, AT&T

About a year ago I wrote this blog about how AT&T and HTC teamed up to hate their customers with regards to the Cingular 8525 phone I had. I had been looking around for a smart phone to replace that one and had decided that I would get a phone running
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Chasing Your Tail in F#

I don’t like the looping constructs in F#.  They don’t feel as thought out as the rest of the language and they feel more like Pascal looping constructs, which have their own issues. In C-like languages, a loop looks like this: for (start-exp; condition;
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