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Fixing Future Mistakes

There is a process in hardware and OS management that I like to call Configuration Jeopardy.  It’s when you’re working on a particular task and you spend hours or days trying to solve a problem that you know should be easy to solve but neither Google

Tools I Use –or– Shameless Plug Day

Sure, every developer uses his/her compiler, editor, debugger, IDE, etc. but does it stop there?  Heck no. Here are the set of tools I use in addition, in no particular order: Visual Studio 2008 with the following additions TestDriven.Net – lets
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More IEnumerable<T> Fun

This blog post will be about a practical example of using IEnumerable<T> to make solving common problems easier. Here’s a common abstract problem – walk a tree of nodes visiting each node and possibly perform an operation on a node’s contents. 

Recursive Lambdas

At PDC several years ago, I attended the first talk on C# 3.0 by Anders Hejlsberg wherein he demonstrated LINQ and the new lambda syntax for C#.  In the QA, I asked if it there was or could be a syntax for recursive lambda expressions.  The
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14 Things Every Software Engineer Should Know

In no particular order - Common Design Patterns – Design patterns are tools to let us solve common problems.  Knowing your design patterns can make the solution to a problem easy. At Least One Assembly Language – One can program quite well without
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