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June 2008 - Posts

A Geek Chooses Lunch

Not so much on programming, but on geekery. One local lunch spot faxes us a list of daily specials and I decided that I wanted pizza, but the question was whether to choose the $6.25 10" two topping pizza with a 12 ounce soda or split a $9.45 16" one

Woo-hoo! Compiler Bug!

I just finished tracking down a Visual C++ compiler bug. This bug exists in the optimizer in VC 2003 and 2005. It does not exist in VC 2008. It only happens with optimization turned on (ie, Release build). Finding this bug was interesting in that we had

Compiling, Linking, and Linq-ing

Reading through Rick's Flat File post, had me thinking about the benefits of having LINQ at your fingertips. It strikes me that the process of figuring out which variables you're touching when you're compiling a line of code is really a database query.
Posted by Steve Hawley | 2 Comments

Portable APIs

Having looked at and created quite a few APIs, I thought I'd put together a few hints on how to create a good, portable API. First, understand what you're trying to do. Seriously. Writing an application and writing an API are two different things. I've