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December 2011 - Posts

PdfGeneratedPage–Architectural Whys (and a Few Hows)

If you are creating new pages in a PDF document using DotPdf , you’re going to be using PdfGeneratedPage objects.  This is a very simple class in that it consists of really only 6 properties, 5 of which all deal with page dimensions in some way:
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DotPdf–Making Pages and Working with Coordinate Systems

Early on in designing DotPdf , I decided that all coordinates should be expressed in PDF units.  Why?  This imposes either none or the same hardship on everyone.  Whether you work with inches, millimeters, cubits or whatever the process
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DotPdf–Generate PDF Documents from .NET

I’m very proud to announce the release of DotPdf , a new toolkit for .NET from Atalasoft.  This toolkit includes a new set of tools for generating your own PDF documents.  This is exciting for us as it is a new product that dovetails well with
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