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August 2006 - Posts

C# Wish --or-- How I Love to Hate Thee: Property

I really want this syntax in C# (informal BNF): getset-declaration := <access-specifier><other-decorations><type><getset-token><publishedname> <initializer>; | <access-specifier><other-decorations><type><getsettoken><publishedname>(privatename)
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So Long, Nibbler

Nibbler hatched on Monday morning about a half hour before I got into the office. Here's the empty chysalis. Note the split up top. Here's Nibbler drying her wings. I had to set up some foam for her to grab onto as the inside of the Red Vines tub was
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NUnit and TestDriven Differences in Unit Testing

One thing you should be aware of when working with NUnit and TestDriven.net is that they do not do the same things in the same order. We have automated build scripts on our system that run NUnit to run the tests. Developers have access to NUnit, but most
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