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June 2009 - Posts

Using, Lambda, and RAII

One of the things like most about C++ for production coding is RAII.  I can make an object on the stack clean up resources by putting the cleanup code in the object’s destructor.  When the function/method goes out of scope, the destructor is
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Fixing Future Mistakes

There is a process in hardware and OS management that I like to call Configuration Jeopardy.  It’s when you’re working on a particular task and you spend hours or days trying to solve a problem that you know should be easy to solve but neither Google

Even More IEnumerable<T> Fun

This post is going to cover how to use (and abuse) extension methods to make it easier to write compilers and interpreters or to write code metrics tools. Right now, it’s straight forward to loop over a set of paths, load assemblies (that can be loaded)

Tools I Use –or– Shameless Plug Day

Sure, every developer uses his/her compiler, editor, debugger, IDE, etc. but does it stop there?  Heck no. Here are the set of tools I use in addition, in no particular order: Visual Studio 2008 with the following additions TestDriven.Net – lets
Posted by Steve Hawley | 1 Comments

More IEnumerable<T> Fun

This blog post will be about a practical example of using IEnumerable<T> to make solving common problems easier. Here’s a common abstract problem – walk a tree of nodes visiting each node and possibly perform an operation on a node’s contents.